We are behaviour shapers.™

Shaping inspirational programs to transform your business.

The power of a loyalty program

The power of a loyalty program

A well designed loyalty program is vital to your business. It’s a powerful tool that shapes the behaviour of your people and delivers on the strategic objectives of your business.

The value of recognition

The value of recognition

When you recognise someone for their efforts, not only are you contributing to better business outcomes, you’re fostering a more positive company culture.

Why partner with CILOYALTY?

Why partner with CILOYALTY?

A collaborative approach, industry expertise and in-house teams - we offer you all the support you need to set up your own loyalty program.


CILOYALTY is a specialised team of professional behaviour shapers, who believe that loyalty should be rewarded. As agents of positive change, we are in the business of shaping inspirational programs to transform business performance through creative and targeted incentive marketing solutions. Solutions designed to connect your audience to your business via strategic incentive, reward and recognition programs that inspire loyalty, build engagement, enhance company culture and deliver measurable results.




Award Winning Peer Recognition

Building a ‘recognition rich’ culture, developing a customer-centric business, and driving better outcomes for clients.

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Dealer Network Sales Incentive

Developing an incentive program to would inspire a sales team and vast dealership network.


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Driving Business Improvement

Increasing business performance and empowering store owners to look more closely at their business and key retail behaviours.

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Boost Sales with Learn & Earn

Re-engaging the audience through e-learning and content delivery in a highly competitive environment.


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