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How we do it

As a global leader in business performance improvement, CILOYALTY has the experience to guide you through the entire implementation process in-house. 


From setting campaign objectives, to post-program data analysis, our bespoke solutions all start with getting to know you and your audience. We know which questions to ask and the best strategies to use, to ensure we deliver a tailored, measurable and effective program for your business. This consultation process incorporates six keys steps:

Planning & Research

Including project briefing, identifying objectives, setting criteria and conducting participant research

Program Strategy & Design

Including defining relevant KPIs/sales targets, designing a program and establishing participant criteria.

Program Branding & Creative

Including developing creative concept to connect with the audience and encourage participation.

Program Development & Testing

Including website building, database iteration and functionality testing.

Program Launch & Ongoing Communication

Designed to educate stakeholders/audience about the program and inspire participants.

Ongoing Maintenance, Measurement & Review

To monitor results, review strategy and report on program performance.





By combining the brightest technical minds in the business and they very latest online technology, we can configure a robust and innovative technical solution to deliver your program. The CILOYALTY platform beings together a cloud-based solution for you to track and manage your program, and communicate with participants. While we are here to assist every step of the way, this easy-to-use portal puts a range of tools at your fingers.

Engage with your audience via our content management system (CMS) which lets you post updates, add program news and change banners to refresh and drive your program. You can also review a range of information and use administration tools for data tracking, detailed reporting, rewards redemption, fulfilment processing, online promotions and communication initiatives. 


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