What we do

We work with our clients to deliver business improvement strategies, by shaping how others engage with your business.

Employee Reward & Recognition

The behaviours of the individuals in your company, can produce permanent and positive change. We focus on creating programs that motivate, encourage and reward your employees.

Our tailored programs reflect the unique values and objectives of your business, encouraging positive employee engagement, increasing retention, creating customer-centric cultures and boosting overall business productivity.

Peer recognition is a valuable way to acknowledge people and teams, with CILOYALTY’s online platforms providing an easy-to-use interface that allows for instant employee recognition across the company. 

Programs can be implemented across all levels of your organisation to meet your short and long-term strategic objectives, transform the workplace, inspire individuals to reach their goals and acknowledge employee achievements.

Sales Incentives

CILOYALTY can help you shape a sharper workforce and set your sales team up for success. Every business is different and so are the dynamics of each team. We’ll work with you to identify the motivational triggers of your team and implement strategies that both reward and drive individual performance.

By rewarding your sales team for achieving and exceeding their targets, overall business productivity and profitability increases. 

Our programs support employees and help drive behaviours which will keep your sales force on the road to success.

Our sales incentives have a proven track record for driving sales targets and KPI achievements; increasing lead referrals and cross-selling opportunities; retaining top-performing salespeople; and improving product knowledge and sales skills.

Network & Channel Incentives

Incentives that promote brand awareness within your partner network, can create a dynamic and profitable chain reaction. By keeping your product at the centre, our effective strategies and engaging programs encourage ongoing loyalty and deliver increased product sales.

CILOYALTY programs recognise that external channel partners and dealer networks are essential for promoting your product or service in the marketplace, growing your customer base and achieving sales targets.

Our tailored programs not only engage participants and turn them into high achievers, but also provide incentives to encourage continued performance after their target is reached.

From a short and targeted Sprint Campaign built around a specific product or goal, to a year-long loyalty program with set milestones and regular marketing communications.


By fostering a greater affinity for your product or service, our eLearning programs can drive awareness to your business.

Intuitively designed, and using proven strategies, our learning management system (LMS) delivers dynamic online learning initiatives to educate, support and connect with your audience. 

Online learning can be driven and supported by an incentive campaign to maximise its potential – increasing awareness and boosting sales.

Customised learning modules encourage your team, or channel, to learn more about your business offering, increasing knowledge across your sales network. 

Working with your business, our innovative LMS platform is utilised to help create, develop, implement and execute your specific online learning goals.

Rewards Catalogues & Gifts

How your reward program shapes up can depend on the relevance, quality and diversity of your reward catalogue.

By first understanding what motivates and inspires your participants, CILOYALTY handpicks customised products and experiences to ensure maximum engagement with your program.


Boasting one of the largest reward offerings in Australia, CILOYALTY has thousands of available items that are regularly updated to reflect lifestyle trends and remain relevant to the market.

We also ensure the ongoing success of your program through a carefully managed fulfilment service and efficient delivery of redeemed items, all supported by our strong local and global partnerships.



Incentive Travel & Event Management

Our sister brand cievents is a global strategic event management agency for the corporate market. 

Whether it be an intimate dinner event between your closest partners to thank them for their ongoing support and service, an awards ceremony with a strict guest list, a large conference to share industry expertise, or a trade show accommodating the needs of thousands of visitors and exhibitors.


cievents cater to a wide range of incentive travel and business events that draw anything between 10 to 5,000 people, no job is too small or too large for our global event management and incentive travel team.

By implementing creative and cutting-edge events and managing your incentive travel, cievents will engage and inspire your audience. 

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